The Parish Council

Staplegrove Parish Council has six elected members and the services of a part time Clerk. The term of office of the elected members is four years.  The last local election was May 2019.

The aim of the Council is to “Manage and enhance the amenities and environment of the Parish, within the remit of its powers as delegated by the Secretary of State, County and Borough Councils, for the enjoyment of all who live in the Parish and those from outside the Parish who make use of the facilities.”

Meetings of the Parish Council take place at  Staplegrove Village Hall.  At the meetings the members are supported by County and District Councillors, Taunton Deane Borough Council’s  Parish Liaison Officer, local Police Officers and other officials and consultants, according to the nature of the business of the meetings. The meeting agenda is published in advance and the subsequent minutes of the meeting, together with the latest set of accounts, may all be viewed on the website.

The functions of the Parish Council are financed by funds raised from the Parish by precept, which is in addition to the Borough Council Tax and may be found detailed in each household’s annual tax statement. Membership of the Parish Council, although by election, is voluntary and unpaid. Members may, but currently none do, claim travelling expenses.

The Parish Council is trustee of the Staplegrove Children’s Playground Trust and Fund.  If you would like to see the minutes or accounts for the Trust please contact the Clerk by the means outlined below.

Current members of the Parish Council for 2019 onwards are: –

Contact Details

Position Name Contact number
Vice Chair Ian Talbot 01823 259506
Chair Michael Clark  01823 282239
Member Alan Debenham 01823 321304
Member Simon Moon 01823 219437
Member Joan Bird
Member Rosalind Went
Clerk Janet Coates 01823 276702
Ex Officio District Councillors Dixie Darch

Ed Firmin

Andy Sully

Ex Officio County Councillor Rod Williams 01823 433431

The law requires all Councillors to complete a Register of Interest Form in accordance with the requirements set out in the Localism Act 2011 and the Current Code of Conduct. These include:

Details of any employment or business carried out by them
The name of their employer
Details of any Directorships
Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council
Interests in land in the District

A Register of these can be found at

If you have matters you wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council  you may contact the Parish Council by telephone to the Clerk on 01823 276403 , or the Chairman above (office hours only please). You can also contact the Clerk by e-mail by using the ‘contact us’  link above.

Code of Conduct

The Parish Council adopted the following Code of Conduct on 8 August 2012.

Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act it is the duty of every public body to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. Publication schemes facilitate the proactive release of information and play a crucial role in supporting and providing a greater openness and transparency across the public sector. Accordingly, Staplegrove Parish Council has agreed to adopt the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The Parish Council has produced a guide on the information it makes available to the public and where it can be found.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Parish Council seeks to create a culture in which people can feel confident of being treated with fairness, dignity and tolerance irrespective of their personal circumstances, background or lifestyle.