Response to Parish Council request to Somerset County Council to paint SLOW on road near Village Hall

The Parish Council have received a response from Somerset County Council to their request to Somerset County Council to paint SLOW on road near Village Hall (see original post 27th June 2018).  The response can be seen below.

“Ref:  SLOW road marking, Staplegrove Road

We have previously responded to this request for a SLOW marking in the road near the Village Hall.

Chapter 5 of the Traffic Signs Manual states on page 131 “Although the marking may be used alone, it is most effective when it complements a warning sign so that drivers are told why they need to slow down.” In Somerset we have had a policy in place for a number of years of not putting down ‘SLOW’ markings in isolation.

Although the PC are offering to pay for this road marking it is not something that SCC can support. SCC needs to be consistent with its road markings across the County and this marking has shown to be ineffective when used in isolation.

The reason for the SLOW and Yellow Bar markings on the NIDR is due to a speed reduction measure being required on the approach to the bend after a long extent of straight road. This measure was recommended by the safety audit team and was permissible because there are no houses fronting the NIDR.

I apologise for being unable to assist you further in this instance.”

The Parish Council have made the following comments in response:

“We were disappointed to receive your reply below but not altogether surprised.

We had rather hoped that as we had offered to arrange and pay for the cost of putting ‘SLOW’ on the carriageway you would permit us to provide this simple measure. It would have been an endeavour to remind traffic that they were approaching two blind left hand bends and could well come across cars in the middle of the road which had just left the village hall car park. We consider that we to have a responsibility to ensure the safety of vehicles on the road and, of course, in that we have the advantage of our everyday experiences of travelling the local area to guide us.

I have tried to point out the inconsistencies in your various justifications for doing nothing in our many letters over the last few years and particularly in my reply to Mrs Bev Norman dated 10 Nov 2017, but I think that we shall just have to wait for the next regular highway inspection you carry out, as per the Safety Inspection Manual, to see if there is indeed a need for some action before any serious accident does occur.”

The Parish Council will no longer be pursuing this issue.

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