Letter to Mr O’Dowd-Jones re Ring Road round North Taunton

On 30th January Somerset County Council (SCC) discussed their the Transport Strategy at a meeting of the Scrutiny for Policies and Place Committee.  A question was asked by the Parish Council at the meeting.  A copy of this question can be seen on this website (http://staplegroveparish.co.uk/development-of-staplegrove/connecting-our-garden-town-transport-strategy-scrutiny-meeting-30th-january-2018/)

Somerset County Council (SCC) provided the following response by email:

“The Council tested several options for road connections in association with planned development in the North of Taunton which helped inform Taunton Deane’s Site Allocations Development Management Plan. This concluded that in the context of the current development plan there is no strategic need for an additional east-west route to the north of Taunton and that there was little traffic demand for such a route. The work concluded that proposed development sites could be accommodated by localised spine road connections as has subsequently been taken forward through planning applications. The need for further strategic road infrastructure connections will explored further as part of the next round of development planning.”

The Parish Council have responded to this, asking for a more detailed response to the points they raised.  Please click HERE to see a copy of the letter.